Taking NSW exports into the future

2 October 2016

global trade routes

Emerging technology is helping NSW exporters increase their competitiveness in global markets.

The Transport and Logistics Knowledge Hub coordinated by Data61, recently completed the Trade Facilitation via Technology project, which brought together industry participants to identify ways technology can support trade.

Using GPS devices the project team tracked containers of Casella Family Brands wine from Griffith NSW to the USA. Aiming to calculate statistical variations across a number of journeys the project revealed potential supply chain inefficiencies and also addressed some key concerns in the export process including the security, quality and location of goods.

Data was successfully captured across a number of journeys through Australia and the USA with the visibility of the freight path providing key insights into export productivity.

This project represents the future of Australian trade and provides local industries with the chance to offer improved services through increased reliability.

Project participants include Hamburg Sud, Casella Family Brands, the Export Council of Australia and Data61.

Transport and Logistics Living Lab

This Knowledge Hub, also known as the Transport and Logistics Living Lab, seeks to increase the productivity, efficiency and safety of Australia's Transport and Logistics industry by fostering collaborative innovation. It is supported by the NSW Department of Industry as part of the Knowledge Hubs Initiative.