Free trade agreements

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To help attract more international trade, the NSW Government supports the Australian Government's focus on increasing the number of FTAs currently in force.

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) open up opportunities for Australian exporters to access new markets and expand trade in existing areas of business.

  • FTAs promote stronger trade and commercial ties between participating countries, and help liberalise trade faster than multilateral or regional processes.
  • FTAs can link two economies or cover entire regions with multiple participants. Parties enter into legally binding commitments to liberalise access to each other's markets for goods and services, and investment.
  • FTAs also usually address other issues such as intellectual property rights, government procurement procedures and competition policy.

Current Free Trade Agreements

More information

Australia is currently negotiating or considering a number of new FTAs with various markets and trading partners. To keep up to date with these developments and to understand how your business can take advantage of existing FTAs, visit the Australian Government’s FTA Portal, or talk to one of our Export advisors.