Getting started in export

A world of opportunity in NSW

Container ship Businesses based in New South Wales have the opportunity to innovate, challenge themselves and take advantage of the many opportunities in international trade.

When you launch your business internationally, you will join over 14,000 successful NSW businesses who, together, exported more than A$40 billion worth of services and more than A$56 billion worth of goods in 2019-20.

Tools, services and resources

The NSW Government is here to help, providing a range of export tools and services to take your business from being export-willing to export-ready.

These tools will help you overcome some of the challenges exporters face, such as:

  • lead times in achieving export sales
  • intense international competition
  • need for caution in selecting partners.
  • commitment, resources and capability
  • awareness of the risks involved
  • protecting your intellectual property (IP)

Export readiness card

The NSW Government has developed an Export Readiness Card (415KB) that highlights ten preconditions for export success for new and sustainable exporters.

We suggest that you regularly refer to this card as a guide as your export planning advances.

Other readiness guides

Other organisations such as Austrade and the Business Australia have developed similar readiness guides.