Growing your export business

Container ships at night

Broadening the scope of your export business into new markets involves research into a range of factors, such as:

  • import duties
  • regulations
  • distribution channels
  • market size and growth
  • competition
  • demographics
  • local production.

Export Capability Building Program

Join us to learn about new markets or update your skills through the Export Capability Building Program, a series of workshops and seminars delivered throughout NSW to support businesses in growing their markets.

Contact your local export adviser

No matter where you are in New South Wales, you can access the services of an export adviser who can assist in finding new markets. Our export adviser will work with you to explore:

  • your product's market potential
  • distribution channels
  • regulatory requirements in potential markets
  • assistance finding business partners
  • other areas to successfully develop your export sales into new markets.

Other useful websites for market research