Food and beverage manufacturing

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NSW food and beverage manufacturing industry development strategy

The NSW Department of Industry has consulted with food and beverage manufacturing stakeholders in the state to develop the NSW food and beverage manufacturing industry development strategy.

The strategy will position NSW to tackle the challenges posed by a competitive business and investment environment, availability of skilled labour, sustainability, waste management and access to markets. This is done by setting out targeted, practical initiatives to grow the sector, build the capability and capacity of businesses, while continuing to foster a supportive business environment.
NSW food and beverage industry development strategy

To pursue the opportunities food and beverage manufacturing presents in NSW, the strategy is designed to:

  1. support collaboration between industry, government, researchers, and education and training institutions to support innovation and unlock growth
  2. create a fit-for-purpose workforce by attracting employees with the right skills
  3. advocate for the industry by providing a supportive business environment and promoting the strengths of the industry to investors and consumers
  4. accelerate growth in niche and emerging markets by assisting SMEs to access and become established in new domestic and export markets
  5. help attract investment by making international investors aware of the local sector and enabling businesses to access international markets.

The strategy builds on existing NSW Government commitments to manufacturing and the food and beverage sector, including the release of the NSW advanced manufacturing industry development strategy.

Download the NSW food and beverage industry development strategy.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Connect Program

NSW food and beverage manufacturers are invited to register for the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Connect program. The Connect program aims to strengthen engagement and collaboration across the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

To be part of the conversation, register your interest below.

Cases studies

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