PhycoHealth is a NSW-owned and operated health food and skincare manufacturer, with headquarters in Bomaderry, located along the Shoalhaven River in the Illawarra region.

With a mission to promote the value of seaweed for the environment, as human food and for health, PhycoHealth creates fortified, nutritional food products with cultivated Australian seaweed.

The company has unique, exclusive and direct access to Australia’s first cultivated seaweed for food—PhycoGreenTM. This seaweed is produced via a sustainable industrial ecology system, capturing CO2 and catchment nutrients. The PhycoGreenTM seaweed has a consistent and concentrated nutritional profile that benefits from optimal growing conditions, including plenty of seawater and sun.

PhycoGreenTM also has a high content of dietary fibre, lutein (a carotenoid antioxidant), omega 3 fatty acids, protein and amino acids, vitamins, iodine, magnesium and phyco-nutrients, each with its own health benefits.

PhycoHealth prides itself on having the source and cultivation technology, based on sound scientific research, to make seaweed-based food consumption and production safe, sustainable and effective. PhycoHealth’s production technology concentrates the nutritional molecules that feed the human gut and have been demonstrated to reduce inflammatory gastrointestinal disorders and boost immune health.

PhycoHealth’s product range includes snacks like ‘Sea C’s’ and ‘PhycoBites’, a ‘Phettucine’ pasta, ‘PhycoMuesli’, ‘Phycodamias’ nuts, which are  coated in seaweed and wasabi, and a ‘Phukka’ blend of seaweed, pistachio and Mediterranean herbs.

The future of seaweed-based food

PhycoHealth is leading the way in best-practice production and processing of seaweed-based foods, and cooperates with all relevant certification bodies. Its products have been recognised as safe, non-traditional food by Food Standards Australia New Zealand. PhycoHealth is regulated under the NSW Food Authority Manufacturing Wholesaler Inspection Program. It is working with Agrifutures Australia to drive a new food crop, and with the Commonwealth Government’s Fisheries Research and Development Corporation to drive a strategic agenda for the seaweed industry in NSW and Australia. The company is working towards gaining good manufacturing practice certification.

Showcasing the best NSW has to offer

PhycoHealth was selected to exhibit on the NSW Government stand at Fine Food Australia’s annual exhibition in Sydney in 2017 and Melbourne in September 2018. The company was one of more than 1,000 companies from over 60 countries exhibiting to more than 20,000 food industry buyers and importers from the foodservice, hospitality and retail industries each year.

These opportunities allowed PhycoHealth to learn from industry leaders about the latest industry trends, build networks, create interest in their unique product offering and secure new distribution contracts.

PhycoHealth is active globally in increasing the sophistication of seaweed for health and nutrition. The company is regarded as a global leader in this new frontier and has been featured on ABC programs Landline and Catalyst, on the BBC, in Michael Mosley’s latest book, Clever Guts, and has received Tim Flannery’s endorsement for innovative, sustainable, ecological engineering in the book Sunshine and Seaweed.