Airsight Australia

Airsight Australia team above Central Station, Sydney with drone

Airsight Australia specialises in the acquisition and management of geospatial data using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology. The company also develops hardware and software solutions to automate and improve data acquisition in medium to high risk environments.

Founded in 2012 as one of the first approved drone/UAV operators, the Newcastle-based company works with heavy industry sectors such as mining, oil and gas, civil construction, road and rail infrastructure, and government. It delivers a complete service from conception to completion including project managing the planning, programming, risk mitigation, regulatory compliance and deployment. The increase in reliance on data assets by these organisations has caused Airsight Australia to evolve its focus on securing high value data assets and digital twins (virtual models of a process, product or service).

Airsight Australia is now developing its ‘Smart Corridor’ platform, which will provide an automated asset intelligence solution to rail and road infrastructure clients. The use of deep neural networks enables it to provide highly advanced monitoring of key infrastructure features, allowing clients to reduce the risk to humans in dangerous corridors as well as apply automated analysis of infrastructure degradation.

Recognising the importance of cyber security, Airsight Australia sees itself less as a project manager and/or drone operator, than an innovator in data collection, analysis and storage. The company aspires to produce secure and timely visual information, which is crucial to support stability and security assessments for critical infrastructure assets. At the heart of what Airsight does is the integration of securing people, property and information to ensure a holistic response to the cyber challenge.

Airsight in NSW

Airsight has been involved in a number of major projects across the state, including traffic surveillance and monitoring for the NSW Roads and Maritime Services, bridge inspection and modelling for Sydney Trains and GHD Pty Ltd.

In addition, Airsight contributes to growing the skills base of NSW through training and development of its staff. In 2017, Airsight signed Australia’s first trainee drone pilot and regularly hosts university, TAFE NSW and high school students for work placement.

Airsight’s recent projects include monitoring and change detection on the Newcastle and Stockton break walls.

Airsight’s vision for a secure future

Airsight’s vision is to deliver cutting edge quality visualisation from real-time survey data. The visualisation of complex data will enable decision making in the management and protection of critical infrastructure and assets, protecting them from both physical and cyber attack.

Real time visualisation will be pivotal in supporting cyber emergency response and decisions, whereas advanced unmanned aerial systems (UAS) allow the timely collection of data and information during extremely adverse environmental conditions. The company seeks to grow globally while driving innovation through a strong research and development base in Newcastle.