Secure Code Warrior

Secure Code Warrior (SCW) is an Australian cybersecurity company that has gone global by helping developers embed security within software code, and by taking gamified education to the next level.

Founded in 2015 in Sydney, the company provides immersive and engaging upskilling on secure coding through gamification and developer-led tooling. SCW security experts craft a wide range of relevant, industry-leading dynamic learning content. In addition, SCW provides tools that fit within a developer’s integrated work environment to check and assess code in real-time, identifying security vulnerabilities and suggest appropriate fixes.

Through this preventative, human-led approach, the company empowers developers to be the first line of defense in their organisations by producing secure code from the very beginning of the software development process.

SCW is dedicated to maintaining the gold standard in contextual, hands-on education for developers. In 2019, it won the Best Professional Training Programme category at the SC Awards Europe. It has achieved ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management (ISMS) certification and was selected by the RSA Conference to lead the “Are you a secure coding champion” Learning Lab in the USA in 2019. SCW is scaling up rapidly, with an average Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) growth of 127% year-on-year.

What Secure Code Warrior does in NSW

Headquartered in Sydney’s Chippendale, SCW has a portfolio of high-profile customers including financial institutions, transportation, telecommunications, global technology companies, and Fortune 500 organisations. The company works with eight of the top ten Australian banks, and has recently worked with National Australia Bank to upskill developers with vital secure coding techniques.

SCW is actively contributing to the growing NSW cybersecurity industry ecosystem and has taken advantage of the NSW and Australian Governments’ strong support for the sector. In 2019, SCW represented NSW in the Australian Cyber Security Mission to the USA and shared its learning on the US market in NSW upon return. The company has also participated in the NSW-India Cyber Exchange program and supported the NSW Government to address cybersecurity workforce and skills development by participating in NSW curriculum development workshops.

The company now has a global presence with offices in Boston, Portland, London, Bruges, and Reykjavik. Over the past twelve months, it has further expanded to Singapore and India, securing key customers including the Development Bank of Singapore and the Standard Chartered Bank. SCW plans to aggressively expand its partner program in the Asia Pacific region and double its core team, demonstrating NSW’s key regional position for international expansion and rapidly evolving cybersecurity capabilities.

The Secure Code Warrior vision

The NSW cyber company’s vision is to continue innovating its unique approach to developer training and squash common software vulnerabilities for good. By empowering developers with the right tools, training, and support, SCW can drive true change, pioneer best practices, and significantly reduce the opportunity for malicious cyberattacks in our digital world.

Giving back to the community, SCW regularly shares its innovative approach through blogs, developer learning resources, industry white papers, and instructional videos.