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Why entrepreneurs and businesses choose NSW

New South Wales is at the heart of Australia’s innovation ecosystem – anchored by Sydney, a global destination and cultural hub in the Asia-Pacific region. The city offers unrivalled lifestyle options and high-quality facilities.

NSW is home to 40% of the country’s information and communications technology (ICT) businesses, Australia’s world-leading research and development institutions and more than 40% of the country’s startup founders.

The state’s thriving innovation and technology sector is aided by  world-leading infrastructure, cost competitiveness, government support for business, a diverse and highly skilled workforce, and advanced research and innovation institutions.

Combining these factors with the NSW economy, a regional powerhouse in one of the world’s most stable political and regulatory environments, has produced an attractive and robust climate that generates opportunities for businesses.

The state leads Australia in developing advanced manufacturing, financial services technology, high-tech agricultural products and services, ICT and medical devices. Wi-Fi, pacemakers, Google Maps, ‘black box’ flight recorders and cochlear implant ‘bionic ears’ were all invented in NSW or by people educated in the state.

In addition, NSW is leading the way  in developing and using groundbreaking smart city technologies that are providing solutions to worldwide urban infrastructure challenges – helping make cities sustainable, resilient and liveable.

Smart transport is firmly on NSW’s agenda. Driverless vehicle trials are underway at Sydney Olympic Park, the country’s first driverless metro rail is due to open in Sydney in 2019, and trucks are being connected to intelligent transport systems that allow them to communicate with each other and with infrastructure.

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    NSW is Australia’s premier market for the sector, including the digital creative, innovation, information and communications technology and startup industries.

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