NSW delegation to 2020 BIO International convention – registration and funding application form

This application is both for registration for the NSW delegation and for funding.

Parts A, B and D are mandatory fields for all registrations. Parts C and E are mandatory for funding applications.

All NSW participants must first register to attend the conference with BIO 2019 and attach a copy of their registration confirmation email when completing this form.

Registration and funding applications close 9.00 am, Monday 8 April 2019. We will notify successful applicants by email in the week commencing 15 April 2019.

Please complete the form in one session (you will not be able to save the form and return to it later). Note that the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be completed in order to submit the form.

After you have submitted your form, a copy of the submission will be sent to the email address provided below.

Part A – Organisation and contact details
In full (e.g. General Manager), not abbreviated (e.g. GM)
No spaces
Attach a copy of your email confirmation from BIO 2019.
Maximum file size is 20 MB.
One address only
Registered name
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Is the organisation registered for GST?
Must have spaces in this format: 00 000 000 000
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(if different)
Current full-time equivalent (FTE)
Last financial year
Part B - Organisation profile
Summary of business - maximum 100 words
You should provide more information at Part E or attach information such as brochures describing each product or service, its applications, unique properties, competitive advantage.
Business objectives* Please indicate your top 3 objectives
List at least three
Does your business operate in any of the following:* Tick all that apply
Part C – Funding applicants only
If you have an existing office, agent, distributor or other business partner representing your business at BIO 2019 or someone who is responsible for your business interests in the USA, please list their details below.
Part D – Participant obligations
Acknowledgement of participant obligation* I/we acknowledge that it is a requirement of joining this opportunity that participants be present at all official networking receptions and briefings organised for the benefit of the convention attendants.

I/we acknowledge it is a requirement of participation in this opportunity, that the company/individual provide NSW Government with a completed survey at its conclusion detailing the results achieved or anticipated as a result of the participation.

By agreeing to participate in this program our company agrees to periodic contact by NSW Government following attendance at the convention, exhibition or independent market visit to track outcomes over time.

I/we acknowledge that the NSW Government accepts no liability for any loss or damage suffered by any individual or company arising from or in any way connected with acts, incidents and occurrences happening in the lead up to, during or after the delegation, exhibition or market visit to any registrant whether such acts, omissions, incidents and occurrences occur in Australia and the nominated delegation, exhibition or market visit or at any points in between. I hereby hold harmless NSW Government and its officers in respect to any claim which I/we may have arising in any way from my/our registration or participation as a member of a NSW Government grant recipient or Independent Visit to the nominated market or exhibition.

I/we acknowledge that the NSW Government makes no representation that any meetings arranged by or on behalf of NSW Government are guaranteed to take place. Registrants are reminded that each visit or exhibition participant should take out travel and other insurances that he or she may deem necessary to cover them for any accident, ill health, loss or damage which may occur during the visit.

I/we acknowledge that the NSW Government may cancel, change or defer attendance or exhibition for any reason. NSW Government shall not be held responsible for any claim or action should the opportunity not proceed as scheduled. While NSW Government does not impose a participation fee, it reserves the right to levy a cancellation fee on any company, who having reconfirmed their participation, later withdraws from attendance at BIO2019 without just cause.
Part E – Funding supporting information
If applying for funding, this section is mandatory.
Company logo Attach your company logo, preferably in EPS format. The maximum file size is 20 MB.

Additional information You may add any additional information about your firm and its products/services that would help to identify your target audience and/or meet your business objectives on this delegation. You may want to include information such as your company philosophy and background, your major achievements to date, your competitive advantage, or detailed product/service descriptions and information. All funding applicants should list the contact details of their full delegation.

Privacy & confidentiality
Acknowledgement* This form may be forwarded by the NSW Government to an independent contractor to provide 'in-market' services in the targeted country. For this event, the in-market service provider is AusBiotech. The NSW Government will not disclose the personal information contained in this application form to any other organisation other than AusBiotech, the in-market service provider. Please check the box below to acknowledge that you agree to the department using the information you have provided in accordance with its Privacy Statement.