Technicians in lab

SpeeDx is a medical diagnostic company focused on developing and commercialising clinical tests based on its patented, ground-breaking DNA analytical technologies. SpeeDx has developed and commercialised the first test that simultaneously detects Mycoplasma genitalium together with antibiotic resistance. This diagnostic approach supports resistance-guided therapy, ensuring appropriate and effective treatment decisions and higher cure rates for patients. Resistance-guided therapy also minimises the spread of resistant infections and improves antibiotic stewardship of existing treatment options.

Founded in 2009, SpeeDx is a private company based in the National Innovation Centre within the Australian Technology Park in the inner Sydney suburb of Eveleigh. It has offices in London and the USA, with distribution partners rolling out across Europe. The SpeeDx product range is based on patented real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technology, driving market-leading multiplex diagnostics for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), antibiotic resistance markers and respiratory disease.

SpeeDx collaborates with leading researchers and clinicians around the world to identify key areas of need. SpeeDx is currently developing solutions to help address the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhoea.

NSW’s investment in medtech development

SpeeDx received a NSW Medical Devices Fund grant in 2017 to support expansion of the company’s ResistancePlus® MG diagnostic test locally and into the US market. A key collaborator recently published clinical data demonstrating a greater than 92% cure rate using the SpeeDx ResistancePlus MG kit, a significant increase compared with previous cure rates of 67% and as low as 40% prior to the use of resistance-guided therapy. In response, Australian STI management guidelines have been updated to include recommendations to test for resistance in M. genitalium infections. SpeeDx provides ResistancePlus MG to the majority of clinical laboratories across Australia and NZ. Guidelines in the United Kingdom are set to mirror those in Australia and clinical trials in the USA are on track for a 2019 product launch.

NSW’s investment in medtech development through the Medical Devices Fund is helping bring innovation and improvement to patient care. Through this support SpeeDx has been able to grow its business in NSW and provide new employment and investment opportunities to enhance NSW’s vibrant medtech sector.

SpeeDx’s vision of the future

SpeeDx’s vision is for diagnostics to define therapy. It seeks to create tools to help clinicians make better treatment decisions that save time for the clinic, save costs for the health service, and ultimately save the effectiveness of antibiotics for future generations.