Tungsten element (W)Tungsten alloys are used also in electrodes, filaments (light bulbs), wires and components for electrical, heating, lighting and welding applications.

Tungsten is used also in chemical applications, including as catalysts, as well as pigments for paints. Ferrotungsten (is a high value-added intermediate product and is used in steels and alloys where hardness and heat resistance are required. Demand is likely to continue.

NSW's New England region is very prospective for tungsten.

Investment opportunities in Tungsten

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Carpentaria Exploration Limited's strategic objective with its Broken Hill Tin and Tungsten/Base Metal Project is to establish a cluster of tin and/or tungsten deposits with coarse-grained surface mineralisation close to Broken Hill that can be easily mined by low-cost methods and processed by a single, centrally located plant.

It has built a tenement holding with the potential to deliver economic mining opportunities under this strategy. The tenements are also prospective for base and precious metal mineralisation.

At its Tallebung tin-tungsten deposit, 70 km northwest of Condobolin in central NSW, Aurellia Metals Ltd trenching and drilling has indicated a bulk tonnage tin-tungsten-silver potential.

Thomson Resources is an Australian exploration company focused on the discovery and development of high quality mineral deposits in NSW and in particular the unexplored Thomson Fold Belt in the west of the state.

The Thomson Resources tenement package is prospective for a range of mineralisation styles that have been identified in the adjacent Lachlan Fold Belt.

The Attunga Project is located about 20 km north of Tamworth and 330 km north of Sydney, NSW.

Peel Mining Limited has encountered very high-grade tungsten-molybdenum mineralisation confirming historic results that indicate the deposit has numerous high-grade zones.

Peel has indicated it had begun a review of the Attunga deposit and was seeking potential joint venture or off-take partners.

Operational mines

There are no operational tungsten mines in NSW.

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