METS – mining, equipment, technology and services

New South Wales is a leading supplier of innovative mining equipment, technology and services (METS) solutions for the resources industry. Many products and services used today by the global mining industry were developed in NSW. These include coal longwall mining equipment, hydraulic roof supporting systems, roof bolting machines, advanced mining technologies, and mine planning and evaluation software.

NSW is also home to world-class universities and research institutes that combine research capability, industry collaboration and innovative solutions for all facets of mining projects. These include research, design, construction, project management, equipment supply and remediation.

The sector is vital to Australia’s economic growth. In NSW, METS companies are estimated to generate A$23 billion in gross revenue, which is 25% of the national total. They also play a critical role in supporting productivity, efficiency and optimisation for the resources sector.

METS NSW is a public organisation that coordinates initiatives to accelerate innovation and champion related business and research expertise throughout the state. Key partners in METS NSW include the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources, the NSW Department of Industry (Division of Resources and Energy), the Hunter Business Chamber, HunterNet, Austrade, AiGroup, Austmine and diverse industry participants.

Case study: Energy and Resources Knowledge Hub

The Energy and Resources Knowledge Hub is funded by the NSW Government and the University of Newcastle hosted by the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources.

The Hub is a networked platform designed to help the energy and resources sector capture research and business opportunities. It facilitates growth, development, collaboration, industry-linked innovation and the creation of new tools to address and overcome local sector challenges.

New markets for energy technologies

The Hub fosters a sector that will respond to the demand for productive, efficient energy services and technologies.

Continued deregulation and privatisation of energy infrastructure in NSW will enable growth of the sector so that it can provide localised energy technologies to consumers and create new export potential.

The sector is a significant exporter of high value–adding products and services, worth an estimated A$15 billion per annum.

Enabling collaboration

The Hub aims to boost the amount small and medium enterprises (SMEs) spend on innovation, and provide new tools and services that will enable businesses to create export opportunities. It also assists SMEs to access new markets by partnering with business chambers and taking advantage of NSW Government programs.

Competitiveness and productivity through knowledge transfer

The Hub enables the energy and resources sector to improve its competitiveness and productivity by supporting the creation of innovative business management processes and disseminating best-practice solutions and information. To maintain international and local competitiveness, it also provides members with access to information on global capital and supply chain markets.

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