Silver in NSW

Silver element (Ag)NSW is a major producer of silver with an endowment exceeding 25,000 tonnes.

Most of NSW silver production occurs as a by-product of the mining of other metals, particularly the base metals lead and zinc.

NSW produced over 128 tonnes of silver in 2015–16, valued at over $95 million.

The discovery of rich sources of silver at Broken Hill in 1883 became a foundation on Australia's on going status as one of the world's top producers.

Silver exists as a native mineral although it is more commonly found in association with other minerals such as lead, zinc and copper metals ores, as well as gold.

Silver is historically an important investment metal and key constituent in jewellery.

Of all metals, pure silver has the whitest colour, the highest optical reflectivity and the highest thermal and electrical conductivity as well as being ductile and malleable.

These properties provide may provide uses in industrial applications like mirrors, electrical and electronic products.

The silver mines of the future are being discovered in other parts of Australia as close as 10 metres below the surface and similar opportunities await investors in NSW.

Excellent opportunities exist for the discovery of new deposits and for the development of existing resources.

Investment opportunities in Silver

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NSW remains under-explored with a range of opportunities for new discoveries. Discoveries continue to be made in both proven (brownfields) and greenfields provinces.

Projects with development applications under consideration


Avoca Tank Project

Straits Resources Limited

Copper, Gold , Silver

Bowdens Silver Project

Kingsgate Consolidated Limited

Silver, Lead, Zinc

Operating mines


Tritton Operations

Straits Resources Limited

Copper, Gold

Northparkes (Goonumbla)

China Molybdenum Co Ltd

Silver, Copper, Gold

Mineral Hill (Parkers Hill, Pearse, Red Terror, Southern Ore Zone)

KBL Mining Limited

Gold, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Silver

The Pinnacles (Consols)

Pinnacles Mines Pty Ltd

Lead, Zinc, Silver, Gold

Broken Hill (North Mine, Southern Operations, Henry George, 1130, Potosi, Silver Peak, Flying Doctor, Central Blocks)


Zinc, Lead, Silver, (Cadmium, Gold, Copper)

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