Renewable energy

To facilitate the development of the industry, the NSW Government released its Renewable Energy Action Plan in 2013. The plan outlines three objectives for efficiently growing the renewable energy sector in NSW:

  1. Attracting investment and projects.
  2. Building community support.
  3. Attracting and growing expertise in renewable energy technology.

The NSW Government is fully committed to the national Renewable Energy Target – that, by 2020, 20 per cent of Australia's energy will come from renewable sources. To this end, it has created a favourable investment environment focused on implementing practical measures to remove investment barriers. These include:

  • improving network connections
  • streamlining the planning process
  • creating a supportive regulatory environment
  • promoting investment opportunities in NSW
  • maintaining a fair price for solar energy and a sustainable solar industry.

The renewable energy sector is also creating jobs through its many R&D initiatives. It is estimated that 6,000 new jobs will be created in regional NSW over 20 years through:

  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Manufacture
  • Operation of renewable energy technologies.