A regional leader in sustainability

No clean and renewable energy effort is complete without a corresponding effort to reduce resource and energy demand from the economy. Central to this effort in NSW is the development of a Green Building industry backed by strong building codes, a robust uptake of green building practices as well as the adoption of the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS). The NABERS system measures energy efficiency, water usage, waste management and indoor environmental quality.

A prominent example of the results of NABERS is the green sky scraper, 1 Bligh Street in Sydney. Local architecture firm Architectus partnered with German firm Ingenhoven to create a highly sustainable office tower that has achieved 6 Star Green Star Office Design. Innovative use of double glazing, natural ventilation, solar and gas power generation and recycling of both black water and rainwater reduce the building's environmental footprint and demand for energy. Such homegrown environmental expertise makes NSW companies ideal partners for global green building and sustainability projects.

New South Wales is also developing innovative ways to recycle waste, water and minimise pollution. Our capabilities include recycling, consulting and treatment services, wastewater management and water saving devices. For example, NSW has significant experience in Land Contamination and Remediation activities due to past development in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, Expertise of companies such as Australian Enviro Services has led to successful outcomes in environment rehabilitation, redevelopment (e.g from industrial sites to parkland) and full clean-up operations.