Review of tourism and major event legislation

Couple in Warrumbungle National Park

A statutory review of the Destination NSW Act 2011 (the Act) is being undertaken to ensure there is a modern and effective piece of legislation in place to meet the NSW Government’s tourism, major events and visitor economy objectives.

What’s this about?

The Minister for Tourism and Major Events released a new strategy on 29 August 2018 to drive growth in the visitor economy over the next 10 to 15 years – the Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan 2030.

Now that the new strategy is in place, the Department of Industry has commenced the statutory review of the Act.

The Act is an important piece of legislation. It establishes Destination NSW as the lead government agency for the tourism and major events sector and the Board of Management of Destination NSW.

Destination NSW has delivered a range of new and innovative tourism marketing campaigns and major events to grow the visitor economy and create jobs since its establishment in 2011.

This review considers whether the terms of the Act remain appropriate to enable Destination NSW and the Board to continue to lead the way.

Progress so far

Community and industry were invited to have their say on the Act from 5 November to 7 December 2018. The were asked:

  1. Is the original policy intent of the Act still valid?
  2. Are the functions and objectives outlined in the Act broad enough and appropriate for Destination NSW to continue to deliver the NSW Government’s objectives?
  3. Do the provisions for the establishment, composition and powers of Destination NSW’s Board and Chief Executive Officer reflect modern governance arrangements for Boards?

The department is now considering all submissions and feedback and will advise the outcome of the statutory review in early 2019. All submissions will be available to view shortly.