Richmond Dairies

The Northern Rivers is a manufacturing hub in New South Wales, with a cluster of businesses using advanced technology to add value to the region's agriculture.

High-tech edge

Richmond Dairies is highly regarded for its technical expertise in producing frozen and powdered milk products. It sees itself as a technology company operating in the dairy sector.

The Richmond Dairies processing plant at Casino, NSW

"We believe our unique fast-freeze technology produces superior quality, making our products highly valued by our customers," Richmond Dairies Director, Chris Sharpe, said.

Its Casino factory produces a range of frozen milk products including frozen creams, cream blends and milk concentrates, as well as milk-based powders that are used by food manufacturers around the world. The plant employs about 50 people in Casino, and exports most of its products.

NSW is the leading agri-food state in Australia, generating nearly $33 billion in annual sales and services income, including exports of more than $4 billion.

Company achievements

Richmond Dairies is part of global dairy manufacturing operations of the Longley Farm Group that also operates in England and Uruguay.

"We're well positioned in Casino to service domestic and export markets," Mr Sharpe said. "We're constantly investing in our plant and equipment, refrigeration and storage facilities, and most of all in our technology, to ensure we continue to manufacture products to world standards."

"We're the only company in Australia manufacturing this type of yoghurt powder," Mr Sharpe said.

"Our customers value our high quality products and our reliability as a supplier."

Assisted by the NSW Government

The NSW Government provided financial assistance to help Richmond Dairies upgrade its waste management systems. The company also valued the advice of the department's local Investment & Export Services representative.

"We certainly appreciated the financial support of the NSW Government, as these improvements also contribute to our business productivity and ongoing viability," Mr Sharpe said.

"The fact that you can go to someone for advice who understands local issues in the Northern Rivers is fantastic. Whenever we have questions about government-related matters, our local contact will find the answers."

Publication date: March 2014