Application Process

It is a two-stage application process.

Stage One – Preliminary Application

The Preliminary Application is an early screening document that allows Investment NSW to determine eligibility and the Investment NSW-lead assessment Subcommittee to review the proposal and assess the quality of the application.

The Subcommittee makes recommendations to the Expert Panel as to which applications should proceed to full application or not. However, the Expert Panel will make the final determination whether a Preliminary Application will proceed to a Full Application.

Stage Two – Full Application  

The Full Application stage is by invitation only.

The Full Application is a more detailed document that covers all aspects of the proposal including a budget, commercialisation plan, declaration of conflicts of interest, and description of any ethical or regulatory requirements to deliver the product to a marketable state in NSW. Applicants may be required to present the proposal, be interviewed or submit a short video.

To be eligible to be invited to submit a Full Application, applicants must first submit a Preliminary Application.