Investment NSW will check that businesses are eligible to participate in the process through an initial screening step. Eligible applications will then be assessed in a single batch by the R&D Fund Subcommittee.

Subcommittee assessment  

The R&D Fund Subcommittee supports the Expert Panel by assessing the eligible Preliminary Applications and providing the Expert Panel with advice regarding the quality of the applications against the agreed criteria.

Expert Panel review and decision  

The Expert Panel will take the Subcommittee’s advice into consideration when reviewing the applications and determining which applications will proceed to Full Application.

The Expert Panel can challenge the work of the Subcommittee and refer proposals to Investment NSW for further discussion and development with the applicants.

The Expert Panel will review and rank Full Applications when these are submitted, according to the assessment criteria, and make recommendations to Investment NSW on which applicants should receive funding and the granted amount.

Investment NSW receives the Expert Panel’s recommendations and makes final determinations as to grants issued. Investment NSW, at its discretion, may choose not to award any funding recommended under this program.

All applicants will be informed of the outcome of the Expert Panel’s recommendation, and Investment NSW’s determination, regarding their applications.

The Expert Panel will consist of private and government representatives with experience in commercialisation, innovation and entrepreneurship, research, and business support programs.

Assessment Criteria

Applications will be assessed against information and evidence provided in relation to the following assessment criteria.

The application should demonstrate:

  1. How the product addresses the challenges and impacts of COVID-19.
  2. How the product will deliver health, social or economic benefits.
  3. How the product benefits the state, and potentially nationwide and globally.
  4. Innovation and competitive advantage.
  5. Capacity to commercialise the product and realise benefits through:
    1. Engagement with target markets
    2. Appropriate skills/experience of the project team and partners
    3. Ability to secure additional funding
    4. Sound intellectual property strategy.

Sufficient information and evidence must be provided by the applicants to enable the Expert Panel to undertake a diligent review of the application without the need to source significant further information to evaluate the submission.

Please refer to the R&D Guidelines for full details on assessment criteria.