Selling to Government and other businesses

The NSW Government assists businesses to engage with industry supply chains and offers procurement opportunities in a variety of ways. If you are interested in supplying to the NSW Government or other businesses, you can do so through contracts, schemes, tenders, and business matching services. There are also procurement policies and programs in place to support cultural or circumstantial initiatives relating to the supply of goods, services, or construction. These are based on factors such as geographic location, whether your business is Aboriginal-owned, and disaster management or recovery coordination.

I want to sell or supply goods and services to government

I want to sell or contract to other business

This guide to Selling to Government and Other Businesses also contains additional information on:

  • panels and schemes
  • SME, Aboriginal and Regional business procurement policies
  • NSW Government Tenders
  • Industry Capability Networks
  • and more

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The NSW Government has a state-wide subsidised business advisory service, Business Connect. You can:

  • browse the network of Business Connect advisers by region, topic, location or industry and select one you think appropriate for your needs.
  • register online to book an appointment with your chosen adviser who will be in contact with you within the next two business days. The first four hours of one-to-one business advice are free.