Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

CSIRO logoCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is focused on helping companies develop, prototype and test hardware and devices. CSIRO is helping to grow and sustain collaboration networks with technology focused small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups.

SMEs have access to some of the brightest minds and best facilities in Australia, while CSIRO is helping play a pivotal role in supporting the creation of cutting edge technologies and companies in NSW. CSIRO is providing access to targeted facilities and services for the hardware and device start-up community.

Under this Program, the CSIRO Lindfield Hub is:

  • offering collaborative work spaces  at CSIRO’s high-tech lab
  • providing access to digital and analogue electronics, prototyping, general laboratory equipment and workshop tools
  • providing opportunities for companies to partner with CSIRO scientists and gain access to in-depth technical insights to help accelerate the development of their projects
  • creating opportunities for businesses to interact with experts from CSIRO, National Measurement Institute and other tenants, such as startups and SMEs, through events, seminars and telepresence connectivity to other CSIRO sites
  • offering a pre-accelerator program focused on refining the alignment of products with an identified market need
  • undertaking a regional roadshow and industry events to engage with businesses that are remote from CSIRO facilities


NSW TechVouchers is a program adopted by the CSIRO, where businesses can partner to access research, expertise, facilities and equipment.

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