University of New South Wales

University of New South Wales logoUniversity of New South Wales is assisting regional and metropolitan small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to innovate by providing opportunities to integrate closely to its world-class facilities and expertise to develop technological solutions for industry challenges.

Under the Program, the University is:

  • establishing a co-working space on the Kensington campus where businesses can interact closely with students, researchers, technologies and industry connections
  • providing extensive programs of metropolitan and regional activities co-developed with the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre, UNSW Innovations and the University’s various faculties including the Faculty of Engineering and the School of Business. Some programs include design thinking, collaboration design, rapid prototyping and digital fabrication
  • providing access to researchers, labs and equipment, analytical and experimental facilities such as the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre and additive manufacturing facilities
  • helping SMEs to enhance or scale-up their products or services. UNSW’s ‘TechConnect Global’ will allow access to international networks, facilities and expertise. This will make their products and services better, more robust and efficient


NSW TechVouchers is a program adopted by UNSW, where businesses can partner with the University to access research, expertise, facilities and equipment.

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