University of Sydney

University of Sydney logoUniversity of Sydney is a world leader in research and innovation and has a strategic goal to facilitate growth of the ideas economy and bridge the collaboration gap. The university knows that academic research and industry collaboration will be integral to successful innovation economies into the future.

Under the Program, the university is:

  • developing a collaborative space on the Sydney campus which will bring business, industry and researchers under the one roof to collaborate on projects, with access to core facilities including prototyping and fabrication facilities
  • piloting research and industry partnership programs to explore new models for translating and commercialising research, and to address business research and workforce needs. This will grow a culture and awareness of the importance of industry and research partnerships in delivering community and commercial outcomes
  • delivering programs on innovation and entrepreneurship, through different communication channels including Massive Open Online Learning Courses (MOOCS), to build a greater appreciation of both industry’s opportunities, needs and the University’s capability.
  • connecting the programs to build on the outcomes of the university’s existing incubator initiatives including Genesis, the University of Sydney School of Business’s cross-faculty startup incubator program and INCUBATE, an award-winning start up accelerator and entrepreneur program.


NSW TechVouchers is a program adopted by the University of Sydney, where businesses can partner with the University to access research, expertise, facilities and equipment.

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