University of Technology Sydney

$1.5 million investment in UTS Deep Green Biotech Hub for world leading biotech research

University of Technology Sydney logoUniversity of Technology Sydney has established the Deep Green Biotech Hub (DGBH) and is supporting small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs in the development and creation of new opportunities using algal biotechnology.

Under the Program, the Deep Green Biotech Hub located in Sydney is:

  • facilitating discussion and the development of commercial opportunities arising from the exploitation of expertise and technologies at the university. Student projects and business ideas will be supported by various University and commercial incubator programs (such as Cicada Innovations) and through a network of industry mentors
  • providing advice and guidance to SMEs and entrepreneurs seeking to commercialise their ideas. These mentors may come from the biofuel, cosmetic, industrial chemistry, food, nutraceutical, animal health or pharmaceutical industries
  • allowing participants to engage with the Hub and the university through a series of workshops using a multidisciplinary engagement approach. This means ideas and opportunities in the algal biotechnology sphere may arise from someone with expertise in business, design, or engineering


NSW TechVouchers is a program adopted by UTS, where businesses can partner with the university to access research, expertise, facilities and equipment.

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