Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University logoWestern Sydney University is establishing an advanced manufacturing community of practice assisting early stage and established businesses to scale-up, collaborate and innovate through exposure to leading edge technologies in Western Sydney.

Under the Program, the university is:

  • offering advanced manufacturing small to medium enterprises (SMEs) the opportunity to join a vibrant community of practice directly linked to the university and its partner network
  • providing participants access to research and development resources, high-tech equipment and technologies
  • integrating MakerSpace facilities at its Werrington and Parramatta Launch Pad sites. This will introduce manufacturers to new digital technologies and provide collaborative work environments to explore new approaches to advanced smart manufacturing
  • bringing together SMEs and startups within high-tech innovation spaces  that provide a dynamic environment to promote entrepreneurialism and creative thinking

Companies are being assisted to challenge their current business models and seek new capabilities through:

  • leveraging digital technology to reap the benefits of improved quality
  • lower costs
  • increased efficiency positioning their business for success within today’s globalised and highly competitive markets.


NSW TechVouchers is a program adopted by Western Sydney University, where businesses can partner with the university to access research, expertise, facilities and equipment.

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