Knowledge Hubs

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Knowledge Hubs are collaborative partnerships for industry sectors in New South Wales. They bring together businesses, research organisations and industry associations, to share information and direct research through collaborative projects.

Businesses that collaborate are more innovative and competitive than those that do not. Knowledge Hubs promote collaboration with the aim to drive innovation and create shared value for NSW industries.

What are Knowledge Hubs?

Knowledge Hubs provide the environment for knowledge sharing, problem solving and networking capabilities.

Knowledge Hubs are managed by sector coordinating bodies, who work with government, industry and businesses to create new projects, improve existing processes, develop research and drive innovations to benefit the broader industry.

What are the benefits?

  • assist industries to develop a shared vision and strategy
  • improve industry productivity and competitiveness
  • champion projects and research with broad industry benefits
  • promote sector-wide market opportunities
  • facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing
  • provide industry with a united voice and a conduit to government
  • create platforms for sharing world-leading knowledge and influencing public research.

How can you connect with the Knowledge Hubs?

You can contact the Knowledge Hubs directly for more information on current projects and networks.

What are the Knowledge Hub sectors?

Knowledge Hubs operate in following industry sectors:

Cyber security

The NSW Cyber Hub is central to supporting the NSW cyber security industry. The Hub develops and runs programs to bring together industry, government, and research organisations to take the NSW cyber security industry forward.

Energy and resources

Energy and Resources Knowledge Hub facilitates knowledge exchange between the research community and industry, and acts as the primary platform for engagement and collaboration across energy sectors and stakeholders.

The coordinating body is Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resource, University of Newcastle.

Financial services

Financial Services Knowledge Hub is a platform through which financial and related industries can network with their peers, enhance their knowledge of global best practice and connect with research and world-leading innovation opportunities.

The coordinating body is Committee for Sydney.

Creative industries

Creative Industries Knowledge Hub works on projects to support the diverse community of professionals and businesses that make up NSW’s creative industries.

The coordinating body is the University of Technology Sydney.

Medical technology

MedTech Knowledge Hub is a vehicle for collaboration between academia, industry and government to improve the business environment for all facets of the medical technology industry.

The coordinating body is Medical Technology Association of Australia.

The business case for collaboration

handshake-icon-blueNew modelling suggests that formal collaborations between Australian businesses and universities generates $10.6 billion a year in revenue directly for the partnering businesses.

Three stick figure peopleWhen this flows through to the economy, university and business collaborations contribute $19.4 billion a year to Australia's income.

Table graphResearch also found a strong return on investment to companies of $4.50 for every $1 invested in collaborative university research in Australia.

light bulbIf Australia could lift the number of businesses collaborating with universities to 24,000, it is estimated the $19.4 billion contribution would be closer to $30 billion a year.

Source: Clever Collaborations, Universities Australia 2018