Transport and Logistics Knowledge Hub

freight train at sunset

Transport and logistics play a vital role in New South Wales’ economy, directly impacting wealth by contributing to the cost of imports and the competitiveness of exports.

Transport and logistics sector statistics

  • NSW’s freight transport and logistics industry is estimated to account for up to 5.32% of the GSP, equivalent to $19.5 billion per annum
  • Almost half of all interstate freight in Australia is carried on roads, and NSW accounts for more than one third of the country's total road freight
  • The Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (TLISC) estimates that the current national workforce across the industry consists of 797,000 employees across 165,000 businesses
  • An estimated $61.5 billion is expected to be spent on NSW road and rail infrastructure from 2015 to 2019.

Source: Transport Freight and Logistics - Sector Demographics, Transport for NSW 2015

About the Transport and Logistics Knowledge Hub

The Living Lab also facilitates the connection of a fragmented transport and logistics industry to best-practice activities from research and industry.

The Living Lab is an exhibition space located in the Australian Technology Park, Sydney and is coordinated by Data61.

This national lab provides the platform for industry, research and government to meet and work together to investigate innovative transport and logistics solutions.

Resources and projects

The Premier’s Innovation Initiative invites innovative ideas from the private sector and the broader community, which have helped form projects including using big data to reduce congestion, and developing wireless systems to enable trucks to ‘talk’ to traffic lights.

Transport for NSW has established the Smart Innovation Centre, a world-class innovation incubator bringing together industry, investors, researchers, government agencies, vehicle manufacturers, technology providers and data analysts to test and trial technologies, to actively develop and support the transport system of the future.

Case study: Trusted trade facilitation

Road train (truck) on highway

The Living Lab delivered a trade facilitation project that explored how technology can support trusted export supply chains.

It monitored export through the supply chain from regional NSW to the USA, using GPS tracking and sensing devices, demonstrating the potential value of this technology to industry to improve visibility, security, quality and efficiency of supply chains.