Renting a home

Renting a property in NSW

In New South Wales you can rent a house, apartment or property in a large cosmopolitan city, a major regional centre or a picturesque country town. Finding a place to rent is easy and can be done in person, or from interstate or abroad.

Real estate websites

Renting or leasing a house, apartment or property in NSW is relatively simple. Rental properties are listed on many real estate websites, which let you conduct detailed searches based on the type of property you wish to rent, the area you want to live in, the number of bedrooms you need and your budget.

The following websites list properties to rent:

Rental prices

In Sydney and NSW, rental prices vary dramatically according to the type of property you wish to live in and its location. Property in Sydney's popular inner-city suburbs or waterfront locations are much more costly to rent than their counterparts in outer Sydney or regional NSW.

For up-to-date information visit rent and sales reports from the NSW Department of Family & Community Services.

Inspections, applications and bond

Real estate agents usually manage rental properties on behalf of their owners. After you have searched real estate websites and identified a list of the properties you are interested in, the next step is to inspect them in person. Inspections are held at specified times – usually for a short period on Saturday and a day mid-week.

When you find a place you wish to rent, the property's managing real estate agent will normally ask you to fill in an application form. You generally need to provide your contact information, some personal details and copies of photo identification when you give them your rental application.

You do not need to inspect a property before filling out an application form (although it is advisable) and you can submit applications to lease different properties to increase your chances of being offered a place to rent.

Real estate agents usually ask you to pay a rental bond as a form of security.

The real estate agent will lodge your bond with the NSW Fair Trading Rental Bond Board and this money will be returned to you if you leave the property in good condition when you move out.

For a guide to renting visit the NSW Fair Trading website