Quality of life

Quality of Life in NSW

The quality of life in New South Wales is consistently rated among the best in the world. Whether you choose to live in a large city, a major regional centre or a small rural town, you can enjoy prosperous, modern and diverse lifestyles with world-class healthcare and education systems, a relatively low cost of living and temperate weather all year round.


NSW has one of the world's leading healthcare systems, which is affordable, easily accessible throughout the state and positioned at the forefront of medical research.

You can find qualified general practitioners (GPs) and experienced health professionals in large cities and the smallest rural towns. NSW is home to 84 private hospitals, 210 public hospitals, 280 community-run health centres and 500 early childhood centres.

Medicare Australia is the country's public health service, which offers permanent residents and Australian citizens full health benefits. Your country of origin may have a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) with the Australian Government, which gives you access to free or low-cost visits to the doctor or treatment in NSW's public hospitals. You can also purchase excellent health and travel insurance to cover you during your time in Australia.

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NSW offers one of the finest education systems in Australia, from kindergarten, primary and secondary school to universities, tertiary colleges and adult education courses.

NSW's public schools provide free tuition. Public schools range from local comprehensive schools to specialist schools that focus on key disciplines such as performing arts or sports, to selective schools that accept high-achieving students.

You can also find a diverse range of private schools throughout the state, which cater to different religious denominations and teaching philosophies and may offer boarding facilities for students.

Several universities in NSW are ranked in the top 100 universities in the world. Tertiary education across the state is of a high global calibre and attracts great international talent. NSW is a leading destination for international students and also offers a diverse range of vocational diplomas and adult education courses.

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NSW is famous for its warm weather, which is temperate enough for people to enjoy year-round outdoor lifestyles throughout the state. In Sydney, the capital of NSW, there are only 23 days a year when the sun doesn't shine.

NSW is home to a wide range of climates from sun-drenched coastal beaches and lush forests to snowy alpine regions and the arid outback desert. Temperatures and rainfall vary from region to region, though are generally mild and welcoming.

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Cost of Living

Residents of NSW enjoy a high quality of life and a low cost of living compared with many places in the Asia Pacific. NSW's thriving economy and internationally competitive salaries make living in the state a world-class opportunity.

Here you have ready access to affordably priced fresh food, clothing, household items, furniture and home wares, petrol or gasoline and cars.

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