Leisure and entertainment

New South Wales is brimming with abundant leisure and entertainment options to fulfil your every whim. From small country towns to large coastal cities you can choose from a wide variety of exciting activities and relaxing pastimes.

Leisure and entertainment

NSW's large cosmopolitan cities such as Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong are major hubs for leisure and entertainment.

Each city boasts bustling shopping strips with local brands and international labels as well as thriving café and restaurant scenes serving some of the country's finest food. Lively local pubs are being joined by an emerging and sophisticated small bar scene. Each city is also home to cinemas, theatres and live performance venues.

You can savour similar leisure and entertainment options in NSW's regional centres to the country's large cities, while enjoying their distinct local flavour.

Travel and holidays

In NSW you can unwind in Australia's most popular tourist destinations and explore some of the world's most beautiful scenery. Cultured cities and vibrant towns throughout the state are easily reached by car, train, bus or plane.

The state's diverse scenery and climate provides myriad options for holiday and travel experiences, whether you're interested in a weekend escape or a lengthy getaway. You will find accommodation to suit any budget and can stay in luxurious resorts, child-friendly hotels, holiday apartments, private retreats, modest motels or just camp in the wilderness.

The most popular destinations for visitors to Sydney are:

  • Bondi Beach
  • Darling Harbour
  • Glebe/Newtown
  • Kings Cross
  • Manly
  • Paddington
  • The Rocks

The most visited regions in NSW are:

  • Blue Mountains
  • Canberra
  • Central Coast
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Hunter Valley
  • Southern Highlands

Outdoor activities

NSW's countless beaches, waterways, parks and bushland form the stage for a wide range of outdoor leisure and entertainment options. You can picnic in green parklands, swim and surf in crystal-clear waters, soak up the sunshine on golden beaches and fish in fertile river systems.

NSW is also brimming with adventurous outdoor activities. Throughout the state it is easy to bushwalk and camp in national forests; ski, snowboard and toboggan in winter; and go kayaking, sailing, water skiing and rafting throughout the year.


Australians are renowned for embracing physical activity. Whether you are a spectator, an amateur or an experienced player, you can enjoy welcoming clubs and quality sporting facilities throughout NSW.

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