888A / 132SBH Survey

Documents Required

Specific documents are required when applying for:

  • NSW nomination for the permanent Business Innovation visa 888A

  • NSW endorsement on Form 1010 for the Business Talent visa 132SBH monitoring

These are outlined below.

Financial statements

Financial statements must:

  • Be signed by the accountant and director(s) of the business(es)
  • Be prepared to Australian Accounting Standards (in line with Department of  Home Affairs’ requirements)
  • Cover the beginning and end of a 12-month period ending no more than 3 months before you apply
  • Include the notes to the accounts
  • Include the depreciation schedule for assets (if applicable)

Evidence of employees

To demonstrate you have employees in your business you must include:

  • PAYG summaries
  • payment summaries
  • employee contracts
  • insurance and superannuation documents

To demonstrate that employees are Australian citizens, permanent residents or New Zealand passport holders. Evidence can include:

  • passport
  • visa grant letter
  • birth certificate
  • citizenship certificate

Business Ownership

Evidence of business ownership can include:

  • signed contract of sale for a business (if you purchased an existing business)
  • other documents proving your purchase of the business
  • partnership agreements
  • trust agreements
  • franchise agreements
  • documents showing the issue, purchase or transfer of shares
  • registration with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)
  • historical ASIC company extract

Agreements must include all pages and related schedules and evidence you paid stamp duty.