Peter McCoy

After being nominated by the NSW Government for a Business Innovation visa (subclass 188A), Peter and his family have established themselves in the local community and set up a thriving trading business; Omaroo Trading Company LLC.

In 2014, NSW Business and Investment Migrant Peter McCoy first visited the Byron Bay area in Northern NSW. Peter and his wife Naomi, loved the area so much that they began looking at their options to make the area their home.

Business migrant falls in love with Byron Bay

Their dream location

Five years ago, Peter and his wife Naomi were preparing to migrate from the United States to New Zealand until a short visit to the Byron Bay area of NSW changed everything.

‘The dream was to live in New Zealand and we were not even considering Australia’, says Peter. ‘However, we came to Byron Bay to visit my wife’s family and it was incredible. It’s like a blend of beautiful Scotland and Tahiti. It blew us away. The weather sold us and we immediately decided to stay.’

Not long after Peter’s visit to Byron Bay, he applied for the NSW business migration program to begin a new life in NSW. The program has offered him and his family a pathway to Australian permanent residency, enabling their dream to become reality.

Since then Peter and Naomi have never looked back. ‘The last few years have been a really fun adventure. Byron is a very groovy part of the world and I really identify with the people here. They are very open and accepting and are used to people from different parts of the world. I have built a core personal network over the last few years and my kids love it here.’

A great area for doing business

Well connected to Australia and the world

While Byron Bay’s lifestyle, great weather and friendly people charmed Peter and Naomi into staying, the region’s business opportunities, environment and infrastructure also played a significant role. ‘Byron has great access to the rest of the world through airports which makes it really ideal to do business here’, says Peter. ‘Only 15 minutes away I have Ballina airport, from which I can access Australia’s capital cities. One hour away I have Coolangatta airport, from which I can access the rest of Australia. And two hours away I have Brisbane, from which I can access the world.’

Exporting local products

Coffee and macadamia nuts

Peter has set up a company that exports local coffee to new markets. Omaroo Trading Company LLC markets, brands and exports coffee to the USA, where it has rarely been seen before. Peter says ‘it is a new product there and has a reputable image. The perception of Australia coffee is gourmet, high quality and niche’. Peter has established a close relationship with Zentvelds one of the first farms to grow coffee in the area.

Peter considers coffee his core business, however he recently came across another opportunity that really excites him. ‘In macadamia nuts I found a demand that is not being met’ says Peter. ‘I couldn’t ignore it—it was hitting me in the face!’ Peter teamed up with another local producer; Waliz Nuts, and also exports its products to the USA. ‘The USA is a huge market for macadamias, which are the fastest growing nut industry. They are unable to find enough suppliers there.’

NSW business migration program has helped Peter and his family start a new life in a location they fell in love with. This flourishing region in northern NSW is also benefiting from having these new residents. Peter’s business is helping local companies increase their profile internationally and helping to establish new Australian products in new markets. While he explains that it is a long hard slog, he believes that the high quality and niche reputation of these products provide excellent opportunities to grow his business.