Seyedheydar Norinaeini

Seyedheydar Norinaeini in store

Seyedheydar arrived in NSW as a Business Innovation visa (subclass 188A) holder with his family and has established a thriving luxury jewellery business.

Through the NSW Business and Investment Migration Program, Seyedheydar Norinaeini has established a high-end Jewellery business in Sydney’s luxury Bondi Junction shopping centre. With his family loving life in Sydney, he is keen to explore even more business opportunities that the city presents.

At home in Australia

Settled in Sydney

‘Sydney is where my family want to live forever’, says Seyedheydar Norinaeini, who has previously lived and worked in both Tehran and Dubai as a successful jeweller. He now considers New South Wales (NSW) to be his home and a place where his family can have a great life. ‘There’s so much freedom here, and doing things is much easier.’

Seyedheydar successfully obtained a Business Innovation visa, nominated by the NSW Government, and moved to Australia in 2014. After taking a year to explore the opportunities available, he established a successful high-end jewellery store in Sydney’s Bondi Junction.

A family business

Generations of know-how paving the way for success

‘This business is very close to my heart’, he says. ‘My family have been in jewellery for many years, specialising in gold. Now I can bring my expertise to Sydney and provide unique, beautiful pieces to our growing list of clients.’

Born in Iran, Seyedheydar moved to Dubai in the mid-1990s to expand his family’s jewellery firm. Despite developing a successful business there, his family wanted greater variety in life than they felt Dubai could offer.

‘After many years in Dubai, we decided to move back to Tehran and a life we felt would be more rewarding. However, we soon started looking at other places to spend the rest of our lives—somewhere for our boys to grow and thrive’, Seyedheydar explains.

After first considering Canada, Seyedheydar decided on Australia, following a visit here. ‘I looked at Melbourne first, but it seemed too cold’, he says. ‘Sydney has great weather and very relaxed, friendly people. I felt this would be the perfect place to make a home and start a business. It’s very organised, which makes doing business easier.’

NSW nomination facilitating business success

Business Innovation visa the perfect fit

Seyedheydar secured a NSW-nominated Business Innovation and Investment – Business Innovation stream visa (subclass 188A) in 2012 and finally moved to Australia two years later. He found a local business partner with a similar family history in jewellery and together they opened a prestigious shop serving many discerning clients, who value the remarkable quality of Seyedheydar’s jewels.

‘My business partner and I travel the world sourcing the finest gems. Our clients expect the best and we know how to deliver the finest-quality jewellery’, he says. ‘The reviews of our company have been excellent. We have a family approach and people feel they are valued, so our list of clients is growing very quickly. We were nominated in the Waverley Council Brightest and Best Local Business Awards recently and made the top three.

For Seyedheydar, the business visa has been very beneficial to his success in Australia, where he sees more and more possibilities. ‘My business partner and I are now looking to diversify our interests, in hospitality or something similar’, Seyedheydar says.

‘We’d like to have a couple more businesses up and running over the next few years. We believe we have the skills and resources to make this happen—it’s just a matter of finding the right thing to invest in.’