New arrivals and expatriates

Students leaving university

New arrivals

How to update your information

All NSW nominees who are granted a visa must update us when you first move to NSW. Permanent visa holders need to update us with their contact details for the first two years of their visa.

  • Business or investment visas: Complete and submit the Business Nominee Information Update form if you are a NSW nominated business or investor migrant and need to update:
    • your contact details, or
    • information about your business or investment activity in NSW.
  • Skilled visas: Complete and submit the NSW Skilled Nominee Information Update if you hold a Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) or Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) nominated by NSW and need to update your contact details

Business migrants

Business migrants should review the NSW Government Small Business Commissioner website for information about starting a business in NSW. The Small Business Commissioner provides assistance to small business, including an e-newsletter, business advisory services, online small business training toolkits, events, webinars and more.

Business migrants from non-English speaking countries may be entitled to Adult Migrant English Services (AMES).

Skilled migrants

Skilled migrants looking for assistance in finding a job should explore the Australian Government’s Employment services and jobs website and job search tools.


NSW welcomes highly skilled expatriate Australians looking to return to Sydney and NSW.

Overview for expatriates

NSW Treasury has created an information sheet on repatriation to Sydney and New South Wales, covering citizenship, health, education, social security, tax, recognition of overseas qualifications and other relevant issues.

Heading home?

Advance is a global community of all Australians working overseas that provides on line and live services and events including a Talent Return portal with a jobs board and repatriation guide for Australian returnees. Go to

Already home?

A good way to get reconnected into business networks in Sydney and NSW is to subscribe to some of this Department's newsletters with advice on upcoming events, or look under Networking & Events.

Opportunities in NSW Public Sector

There are also opportunities for repatriates in the NSW public sector. For more information, visit I work for NSW

All migrants

For information, resources and services to help you settle in NSW, visit the Multicultural NSW Settlement Portal.

New arrivals may also want to visit the SBS settlement guide, which provides information and resources on settling into Australia in more than 30 languages.

Guides to Sydney and New South Wales

For more information on living and working in Sydney, download our booklet Living in New South Wales.