Women in business

The NSW Government is committed to supporting business women by increasing participation of women in entrepreneurial endeavours across metropolitan and regional NSW.

Women are key drivers of the strong economic growth we are continuing to experience in NSW and are capable of becoming the catalyst for innovation and job growth.

If you're in business, planning to start a business, or your business is about helping other women in business, we have identified a range of useful resources to help.

Women Entrepreneurs Online Network

The NSW Government launched the Women Entrepreneurs Online Network (WON), a platform created by female industry leaders. WON is a one‐stop‐shop connecting aspiring and existing entrepreneurs with the resources, knowledge and people that can help them create and grow their business through their business journey.

Women Entrepreneurs Online Network


We understand that having the necessary resources; knowledge, skills and networks is paramount to the success of any business venture.

That's why we have collated the best government, industry, academic and non-government resources to create a collaborative online community of programs, initiatives and useful links to assist you on your entrepreneurial journey.

These resources will assist you with a wide variety of business-related activities, such as:

  • developing a business plan
  • conducting market research
  • tapping into funding opportunities and licensing information
  • guiding you with accessing useful networks
  • training opportunities
  1. NSW Women Entrepreneurs Network

    Women Entrepreneurs Network

    WON is a community of women entrepreneurs supporting women entrepreneurs across NSW. The group seeks to build community, extend networks and share information.

  2. Two women in conversation

    Learn from others

    Building relationships with businesses in your industry or niche sector can help you in many ways.

  3. A woman with a screwdriver, fixing a robotic arm

    Skill up

    Ensuring your skills and those of your team are second to none is important in today’s competitive business environment.

  4. An image of the earth

    Taking it global

    Are you thinking about taking your business beyond Australia’s shores?

  5. A picture of the red, open dirt country road in the foreground, with the blue sky in the background

    Regional links

    Running a business in regional and rural areas comes with a unique set of opportunities and challenges.

  6. A diagram showing the leadership journey and lifecycle

    Leadership and helping others

    Become a champion for female entrepreneurship by connecting with like-minded women and establishing networks.

  7. Keyboard with a blue

    Selling to government

    Government has comprehensive procurement policies and processes to ensure responsible investment of public funds.

Entrepreneurship roundtable

Watch the video of a Women in Entrepreneurship roundtable, where a number of ideas were promoted to help drive female entrepreneurship.