About the Business Connect program

Truly Free Cafe, Albury

The Business Connect program is funded by the NSW Government and will provide business advisory services and business skills training from 1 January 2017 to 30 June 2021.

Business Connect aims to support small businesses to startup, create jobs through growth, help established small to medium enterprises (SMEs) become sustainable and increase business confidence across NSW.

Business Connect will achieve these aims by:

  • Providing general and specialist business advice and government information to startups and SMEs
  • Promoting business growth through innovation, improving resilience and boosting productivity and
  • Supporting digital readiness and regional business development.

Business Connect services are provided by independent service providers based across NSW, including specialist and multicultural service providers.

Business Connect supports startups and SMEs through:

  • Supporting business creation through advice and information that assists start-ups to establish a new business and support new businesses to enhance their survival and long term viability.
  • Supporting established small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by providing services that underpin profitability, business expansion and long term business growth, enhance their survival and long term viability, and support the orderly succession of ownership of existing businesses.
  • Delivering Business Skills Workshops or Seminars (including online group support) to startups and SMEs, when this is considered to be the most effective way of providing skills development and/or information.
  • Responding to occasions of disasters or other emergencies to support businesses where they are affected within NSW.
  • Referring start-ups and SMEs to relevant and appropriate additional services, to increase the value of support and to encourage continued skills development, strategic awareness and business planning.
  • Promoting digital readiness and engagement in the digital economy to businesses, increase digital and online technology skill and knowledge, especially in regional areas with new or increased internet capabilities i.e. through satellite broadband or rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN).