For Flavours Sake

Michelle Stumpp in kitchen

Michelle was part of MasterChef Australia Season 9, and with a tremendous amount of effort, she made it to the top 32. During the show, Michelle refined her skills and had many conversations about her future business idea – which included a few chats with judge Matt Preston.

Preston inspired Michelle to trust her instincts and make her business all about the flavour. And she did.

'After MasterChef, my baking business ‘For Flavours Sake’ was a pipe dream, but if I was ever going to do something like this, that was a perfect time. I just needed direction on where to start,' Michelle said.

Michelle was introduced to Business Connect Advisor Andrew Campbell, who helped give the business legs. 'Andrew’s business smarts and practical approach to my idea could not be matched.  I just wanted to bake cakes, but Andrew showed me everything I needed to consider before starting the business.'

One of Andrew’s first and most valuable suggestions was to join a weekly produce market. Michelle attributes this advice to the beginning of the success.

'Without hesitation, I’d say Business Connect and Andrew provided the ultimate groundwork. Even now, I’ve enrolled in social media courses that Andrew teaches. They have shown me the value of social media for a small business like mine.

I now have an Instagram account and a Facebook page, and both are gaining momentum.

'It is hard work and long hours, but even if I’m up at 2am baking scones for a function, it’s my business and I love it.'

Michelle started For Flavours Sake in her commercially-approved home kitchen in February 2017 and now supplies many restaurants and cafés with her baked goods.