Cyber Security Innovation Node

The Australian cyber security sector employs around 19,000 people, and Australian businesses spend $4.3 billion on cyber security each year, with much of that activity occurring in NSW.

Over the next decade, the Australian industry has the potential to almost triple in size, with revenues forecast to soar from just over $2 billion today to $6 billion by 2026. (Source: Cyber Security Sector Competitiveness Plan, Australian Cyber Security Growth Network)

About the Cyber Security Innovation Node

The Cyber Security Innovation Node is the Knowledge Hub for the NSW cyber security sector. Announced 30 November 2018, the Node develops and runs programs to bring together industry, government and research organisations to take the NSW cyber security industry forward.

The Node is coordinated by the NSW Cyber Security Network. The network is a member-based organisation of eight universities in NSW, focused on developing solutions to end user-led challenges and which aims to position NSW as a leader in cyber security.

Resources and projects

The Cyber Security Innovation Node is delivering inaugural projects designed to activate the cyber security ecosystem in NSW. These projects will:

  • increase collaboration among multiple cyber security sector stakeholders
  • build business capacity and address barriers to commercialisation
  • increase NSW cyber related investment and export
  • increase the supply of skilled employees in the NSW cyber security industry and enhance the state’s education capacity.