Current Israeli partnership opportunities

The following projects are opportunities with Israeli companies looking for a NSW based partner.

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Renewable energy — wind

Israeli partner seeking a NSW wind turbine manufacturer

Partnership opportunity

There is an opportunity to partner with an Israeli renewable energy company on a pilot wind farm program. The program targets private home owners, landowners, councils and industrial companies as customers with small scale and compact wind turbines.

The Israeli partner is seeking a NSW based partner wind turbine manufacturer with

  • experience in the wind energy industry in Australia
  • experience in heavy metal machining, construction elements as wind tower, nacelle etc
  • an electricity division with experience in electricity generators design and operation, and Australia electricity grid connection and regulation.

Project details

Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy are clean and available as long as the wind is blowing or the sun is shining. Wind power energy suffers from an intermittency and inconsistently of wind power intensity. Often when the demand for power is high, there are low winds. Wind energy tends to be more abundant at night when the demand for power is low.

Electricity production needs stable power to activate the generators, on the other hand, the demand for electricity is not consistent either.

We have identified a pattern of consumption in a 24-hour cycle and we therefore can bridge these two issues in order to derive maximum benefit from the energy output of the wind turbine.

Our product is a standalone mid-range wind turbine. It is a comprehensive solution with each wind turbine working as a micro electric power station. It is ready to work immediately after installation in what we call a 'plugged in solution'.

Exploitation and commercialisation of the project products will be executed by our commercial company. The company however needs to recruit an additional partner with proven expertise in the field of initiating and managing commercial renewable energy projects. The partner will provide expertise in the Australian market, and have wind turbine manufacturing capabilities.

Funding requested

Up to $250,000