IPC Innovation Economy Research Series

The NSW Innovation and Productivity Council (IPC) advises the NSW Government on priorities for innovation-led economic development and productivity, undertaking research projects to inform its advice to NSW Government. Commencing August 2018, the IPC’s Innovation Economy research series will deliver a number of reports highlighting trends in innovation to guide policy direction and program development in NSW.

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    The Innovation Economy: Implications and Imperatives for States and Regions

    The Innovation Economy report provides an overview of global trends in the innovation economy and the international experience of states and regions that support a strong innovation economy. It was commissioned from UK cities expert Professor Greg Clark to inform the IPC’s research program.

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    NSW Innovation and Productivity Scorecard

    The NSW innovation and productivity scorecard provides a snapshot of NSW’s innovation and productivity performance in comparison to other states and selected international economies.

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    NSW Innovation Precincts: Lessons from International Experience

    This report explores the factors that contribute to successful, globally-significant innovation precincts as well as common risks and failures, with the objective of supporting successful precinct development in NSW.

  4. Innovation in the NSW Environmental Goods and Services Sector

    This report provides an economic profile of the NSW EGS sector and its strong potential for innovation-led growth. It examines international best practice approaches for insights on how to best support the sector in NSW.

  5. Business Size Report

    Business size report

    This report illustrates the range and distribution of employing businesses in NSW and the Australian economy, from micro to large size categories. It explores each size category’s economic contribution, dominant industries and innovation and productivity characteristics.