What is biotechnology?

Biotechnology, or 'biotech', refers to the use of living organisms as a scientific tool to make a product or solve problems. Humans have been using biotechnology for centuries in activities ranging from plant and animal breeding through to brewing and baking.

Biotechnology includes genomics (DNA sequencing and gene discovery), functional genomics (understanding gene function and interactions), marker assisted selection (discovery of natural DNA markers to select more efficient plants and animals) and genetic modification or genetic engineering.

NSW biotechnology industry

NSW is a world research leader in biotechnology and medical technologies, as well as smart technologies – from next generation communications, quantum computing and advanced robotics to solar energy.

The State is home to 78 per cent of multinational pharmaceutical companies in Australia and 27 per cent of core biotech companies.

In 2009-10, $2.5 billion of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and medicinal products were exported from NSW alone.

The biotechnology sector in NSW is underpinned by the State's world class research institutions which foster excellence and drive innovation to achieve health, environmental and economic outcomes.

The State is home to a number of research institutions at NSW Universities, Australian Research Council Centres of Excellence, Cooperative Research Centres and many others.

Australian and international companies, organisations and investors can access a range of confidential services through NSW Trade & Investment, including information about investment and partnership opportunities in the life sciences, biotechnology and biomedical sectors, and other sectors in NSW such as agribusiness, financial services, ICT, mineral resources and infrastructure.

Directory of NSW biotechnology companies

A directory of NSW biotechnology companies and research organisations is at


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